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    • MANILA LINE: (02) 988-3100

The MyDLSHSI Portal is the gateway to our integrated Academics-HR-Payroll Management System (School Automate) catering the needs of our students, parents, educators, administration and staff.

It enables the users to access real-time information anytime and anywhere, as it provides the most comprehensive tools needed for the day-to-day operations of the institute. It streamlines administration and management through an easy to manage, tightly integrated solution. And the system also reduces and / or eliminates paper trails from offices and other point of school operations thus centralizing all information.

The system modules covers the following processes : Admission, Enrollment, Fee Assessment & Payments, Registrar Management, Clearance Management, Health Monitoring, Student's Affairs, eSecurity Check with Turnstile Implementation, HR Management, Accounting and Payroll Management, eDaily Time Record with Biometric Implementation, Data Archiving and System Administration.

Contact Us:

  • For Administrator Support
    (User Accounts & Access)
    •  Look for:
      • Mary Jane A. Jacala or
      • April John G. Victo
    •   Local 1364
    •   admin-ahp@dlshsi.edu.ph
  • Human Resources
    •   hr-helpdesk@dlshsi.edu.ph
    •   0923-494-9781
    •   (046)-481-8000 or (02)-988-3100